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Families and Friends

Blue Skies, Airplanes and Amazing Kids

Kids in Flight Families and Friends"One of the very first family outings after our infant son's two major, life saving surgeries, was with Kids in Flight It was both of our children's first time in an airplane and just being in that airplane was an incredible moment of release for my husband and I. It was a moment that we soared above the worry, pain and fear that we had experienced in the previous six months. It was in that plane that our family was together again. It was in that plane that we let our worry, pain and fears go. Thank you. There is no way that you will ever truly know what a day of transformation that day was for our family."
- Participant, Renee
Kids in Flight Families and Friends"When we received information about Kids in Flight, I told my 4-year-old son Ben that he would be able to fly in a plane and he was so excited! Ben was born with Heterotaxia Syndrome and to date, he has had three open-heart surgeries and four heart catheterizations. Ben and my two daughters, Cameron and Claire, were so excited to be there. All three of our children loved the group picture, the special attention they received and all the delicious treats. The pilot was wonderful and Ben could barely contain his excitement sitting right next to the pilot! He loved every minute of his special adventure. We will never forget the experience and the kindness shown to us. Our family really looks forward to the Kids in Flight event every year!"
- Participant, Barb

See a video of Ben in Flight (2.4MB WMV).

Kids in Flight Families and Friends"I am a member of the Cleveland Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, a national, nonprofit organization that restores, maintains and flies World War II military aircraft. After participating in a Kids in Flight event, I can think of no other endeavor that has resulted in such an overwhelmingly positive reaction among our members. We look forward to lending our support to Wings Of Wonder in the future."
- Commemorative Air Force, Kevin
Kids in Flight Families and Friends"The children's huge imaginations and even larger smiles on what turned out to be one of the nicest flying days of the year couldn't have been more perfect. Although it was a day for the kids, it was hard to tell who was having more fun - the kids, the parents, or the volunteers! I think what Kids in Flight accomplished that day was truly remarkable and I look forward to participating in next year's event."
- Pilot, Marc
Kids in Flight Families and Friends"I was very gratified that I could work with Kids in Flight. Seeing the bravery and maturity with which little children handled such adversity was an inspiration to me. The look of joy on their faces after they got off the planes was priceless."
- Volunteer, John

"It was so exciting to see the kids 'forget' about their illness for the day and to just enjoy being kids. I think Kids in Flight is such a great opportunity to reach out to children with serious health conditions and to provide a day just for them without a cost. I hope to see it continue to grow!"
- Volunteer, Elizabeth

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