About Us

Taking Off

Founded in 2003, Kids in Flight is non-profit organization that uses aviation-related activities and airplane rides to give children with serious illnesses and their families the opportunity to escape by soaring above their crises, complications, and struggles. Through a variety of exciting, fun-filled programs and the thrill of flight, children and their families share unique bonding experiences that will be remembered forever. Everyone knows that objects below appear smaller from the air. For children fighting serious illnesses, the escape and excitement of flying can make their problems seem smaller as well, giving new perspective on struggles. Providing a sense of hope, determination, and perseverance is the essence of Kids in Flight.

Our Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of Kids In Flight is to use aviation to empower children with serious illnesses and their families through flight experiences and educational programs.

The vision of Kids In Flight is to launch nationwide aviation-related events and flight experiences for seriously ill children and their families in order to instill a positive attitude towards their personal crises. Through the creation of an educational curriculum, the organization will provide sensitivity training to create public and government awareness of the problems facing seriously ill children. Kids in Flight will also become a resource for the children and their families both in terms of education and aviation-related topics.

Core Values Statement

The core values of Kids In Flight integrate the wonder of aviation, their positive attitude, and the perseverance necessary to cope with serious illness in integrity, trust, inspiration, determination, and compassion.

Integrity: We will hold ourselves to the highest standards in words and actions. We will always behave ethically and require similar practices associated with the organization.

Trust: We will always operate with the safety and happiness of children as the highest priority. We will present the organization and its associated individuals in a straightforward manner. We will be a reliable resource for children and families experiencing serious illnesses and health-related issues.

Inspiration: We will be role models for positive attitude and optimistic outlook in all situations.

Determination: We will provide positive educational experiences to facilitate perseverance among participants’ families through understanding, experience, and knowledge.

Compassion: We will always be sensitive to the nature and severity of crises faced by each family.

What does Kids In Flight do?

Kids In Flight is always looking for opportunities to expand programming. Other activities may occur during the year as well. These opportunities have included group outings to local ballparks, NASA tours, and Holiday Parties with entertainment, food, crafts and Santa visits.

“They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40:31